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Get equity for your clicks on a web browser.


Get equity for your clicks on a web browser

Become a User Cooperative member and donate so that we can build you a web browser that enables you to participate in all our profits, gains, and governance on the basis of your clicks, etc. on it.


The cooperative web browser startup

We are a pre-product web browser startup that is uniquely structured as a consumer cooperative – a 100% member-owned and -governed company – to make “equity for clicks” possible for our upcoming browser. We are now building our membership and raising donations so that we can build it.


How you get equity for your clicks

Free, perpetual, and with no liabilities or commitments, User Cooperative membership grants you (1) a share of our profits and gains in proportion to your clicks, etc. on our services, (2) a vote in governing us when our early stage takeover protection ends, and (3) access to our upcoming browser.


A revolutionary web browser in the making

As an early stage cooperative company, we have to build our membership and raise initial capital from our members before we can build our products. Surge Browser will be members-only, free-to-use, available across your devices, and the first internet technology product on Earth to let you fully participate in the equity of an internet technology company you use on the basis of your clicks, etc.


Members, donations, browser

We use this site to build our membership and raise donations from our members so that we can build them our Surge Browser, which will generate income from search engine royalties and targeted ads that we can use to ensure that our browser is the best, pay member dividends, and offer our members other services.


Data capitalization without equity participation

You capitalize internet technology companies with the data in your clicks, etc. on their services, but you cannot participate in the profits, gains, and governance of those companies on that basis.

No data capitalization without equity participation. Get equity for your clicks on a web browser.

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