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Free, perpetual, and your key to full participation in our profits, gains, and governance for using our upcoming browser. Membership is your ticket to equity for your clicks.

Free membership, natural people only

This means that participation in our profits, gains, and governance belongs solely to individuals on the basis of their use of our services. Free maximizes value to all members.


Membership only expires after three (3) years of service inactivity.

Profits and gains in proportion to clicks

All our profits and gains are paid out to our members in proportion to their use of our upcoming web browser. Before we release our web browser, any profits or gains are paid out equally to each member.   

The power to elect our Board

Our board of directors manages everything we do, and each member gets one (1) vote in electing our board members.

The power to propose and decide on any matter of business

Each member gets one (1) vote on each User Cooperative business item voted on by our members and the power to propose any such item, like firing a CEO or changing an algorithm or a privacy policy.

Exclusive access to our browser

Only members can use our upcoming web browser.

No liabilities

Our members are not responsible for any liability, commitment, or obligation that User Cooperative assumes in the conduct of business.

Members vote for themselves

No proxies or designees.


A membership has to stay in the possession of the original member to keep individuals or groups from accumulating voting power or profits.

One membership per person

This supports the integrity of our "one member, one vote" governance by preventing someone from concentrating voting power.

Whole membership agreement

Our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Terms of Service make up the whole membership agreement.

Free termination, whenever

Our members can terminate their membership at any time and at no charge, but they do forfeit their rights and interest in User Cooperative.

Early stage takeover protection

To protect ourselves against a "hostile takeover" in our earliest stage, when we're most vulnerable, we defer granting voting rights to our members until we reach 10,000 members and $1 million in revenue. Until then, the founder/organizer is the sole voting member.

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