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Submit the form below to become a member of User Cooperative. You'll get all membership features for free, but please consider donating to help us meet our initial capital needs.

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Donations are how we meet our initial capital needs. All donations go toward the personnel and resources we need to recruit more members, develop our web browser, and monetize our browser. We're extremely grateful for any amount.

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Important notes

1. User Cooperative membership is free, and donations are optional and non-refundable. All terms of User Cooperative membership ("Membership Terms") are stated in our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Terms of Service. Membership is limited to one (1) per natural person, nontransferable, and perpetual in accordance with the Membership Terms. No member is liable for any debt, obligation, or liability of User Cooperative. Article 2, Section 8 of our Bylaws and our Privacy Policy explain how we collect, store, protect, and use your data to provide our services.

2. Temporary note: If you donate, User Cooperative will charge your payment method one (1) time. However, you may receive two (2) different email receipts for your payment, and User Cooperative may appear on your bank/card statement as "Op Userc" or some variation. This is due to a programming redundancy between, our website's host, and Stripe, our payment processor. We apologize for any confusion this may cause, and we will fix this as soon as possible. In the meantime, the email receipt you receive from Stripe is your official receipt.

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