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The first technology product on Earth that lets you fully participate in the profits, gains, and governance of a tech company you use.  

The first tech product to grant you equity for your clicks

Your clicks on the Surge Browser build your profit participation in User Cooperative and entitle you to a vote in User Cooperative governance.

Free, members-only

Totally free to use, and only members can use it.


We're not playing around here.

Standard safety features

Safety features and updates that ensure you’re safe and secure while you’re browsing.

Automatic updates

Regular updates so that you have the newest features and a better browsing experience.

Browse across devices

Sign into your browser from any device to access your recent tabs, bookmarks, saved passwords, and more.

Set your default search engine

You can choose from an array of search engines to set as your default search engine.

Customize your own look and feel

Themes, including dark mode and other options so that you can personalize your browser.


Save names, passwords, addresses, payment information and more to quickly autofill your details.

Password manager

Save, manage, and protect your passwords online, and create stronger passwords for your accounts.

Privacy controls

Easy to access and use browser settings to control what you share while you use your browser.

Covert mode

Browse without sharing your browsing history, being tracked by third party cookies, and more.


Shopping, entertainment, productivity... You can add all sorts of extensions to improve your experience.


Unobtrusive, personalized to the browsing data you wish to share, and additive to your equity.

Breezy transition

In just a few clicks, you can move all your stored items, like passwords and payment methods, from your current browser to the Surge Browser.

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