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User Cooperative is a 100% member-owned and -governed web browser startup, and our membership is free and open to any natural person. Our mission is to get you equity for your clicks.


Equity for your clicks

You equitably participate in the profits, gains, and governance of every company that benefits from the data capital you convey through your clicks and equivalent transactions.


We're a consumer cooperative

We're a consumer cooperative, a 100% member-owned and -governed company that pays out its profits and gains to members in proportion to their transactions. This structure makes "equity for clicks" possible.     

Surge Browser

A free, cutting-edge, and members-only web browser for all devices that's under construction.



How you get equity for your clicks

Free, perpetual, and your key to full participation in our profits, gains, and governance for using our upcoming browser. Our membership is open to any natural person.


A spin on "co-op" taxonomy

Our name is a spin on cooperative taxonomy, which classifies cooperatives according to who owns them – there are consumer cooperatives, producer cooperatives, and worker cooperatives.

1. Members and funding

Use our website to form an association of members and collect donations, primarily from members, to meet our initial capital needs. Free membership is value-maximizing to our members, so we use donations instead of customary membership fees.

How we build

Cooperatives like us are a little different in how they get started. They have to build a membership and raise money from members before they can offer services to them. Cooperatives don't have investors because all equity benefits go to members on the basis of their transactions, not capital contributions.

2. Capital deployment and growth

Invest our donation capital in the individuals and resources we need to increase our membership and donation capital and develop our web browser. The time to making our browser available to our members depends on how fast we can build our membership and raise donations.

3. Browser monetization

Earn income from search engine royalties and targeted ads, which are displayed in new tabs, notifications, sponsored content, etc.

4. Reinvest income

Reinvest some portion of our browser income to improve our browser and to develop and offer more services to our members.


Matt Martensen

Matt is an average user, who is working on getting you equity for your clicks.


Durango, Colorado

We're headquartered in Durango, Colorado, a small town on the "Western Slope" that's home to world-class outdoor activities, like biking, hiking, rock-climbing, and boating.   

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