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User Co-op is the people’s tech startup.

All power and profits go to our members! As a cooperative tech company, we're democratically governed on a "one member, one vote" basis, and we distribute our profits to each member in proportion to their tech use, which we measure in "clicks" (etc.) on our tech services.

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The way we see it

If you agree

We the people are excluded from the extreme wealth and power that tech companies derive from our tech use/data, and it's time for us to go into the tech business for ourselves.

Please fill out our membership form below to own and give rise to User Co-op, the people’s tech company!

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On contributions: If you choose to contribute, you can contribute any whole-dollar amount that you’d like. Please know that every dollar counts (yes, even $1) and contributions are non-refundable.

About us & membership

We're the people's tech startup, a new 100% member-owned cooperative internet technology company whose membership is free and open to everyone.

Our business plan is simple. We (1) use this website to build a membership community and raise startup money from our members through small voluntary contributions, (2) deploy free members-only tech services, starting with a web browser and a search engine, and (3) deploy a targeted ads service so that we can achieve financial independence and pay for the ongoing deployment of world-class technology.

As of July 10, 2023



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Next update: July 17, 2023

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