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Get equity for your clicks on a web browser

The way we see it

It's time for you to get equity for your internet clicks

The tech industry is built on your clicks, and it's time for you to start getting your cut of the profits and a vote in how it's governed.

We're a user-owned cooperative web browser startup

You get a share of any profits we make in proportion to your browser clicks

You get a vote in governing all we do

Our mission is to get you equity for your clicks on a free web browser 

Right now, we're building our founding membership and raising initial capital through donations 

About membership

Totally free and open to you

Features of our upcoming Surge Browser

You and your fellow browser users get all profits and control, no shareholders

You get free and exclusive access to our web browser

Bottom line, you get equity for your clicks on a free web browser

Browse across devices

Sign into your browser from any device to access your recent tabs, bookmarks, saved passwords, and more.

Automatic updates

Regular updates so that you have the newest features and a better browsing experience.

Our goals for 2024

Use donations

To recruit more members, develop our web browser, and monetize our browser.

And way more

Autofill, extensions, covert mode, privacy controls, and more.

Our business plan

Collect donations

As our startup money from members and foundations.

Grow our membership

Among the billions of consumers who we believe would like to start getting equity for their clicks.

$1 million in donations

100,000 members

Start browser development

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Frequently asked questions

Go from there

Use our browser as an economic foundation to go after other big tech markets.

Make money off our browser

Generate search engine royalties and sell targeted ads, which are displayed in new tabs, notifications, sponsored content, etc.

  • A cooperative is a business that's 100% owned and democratically governed by the people who use its services, not traditional shareholders, and it distributes its profits to its user-owners in proportion to their use. These user-owners are called "members." Learn more about cooperatives.

  • The data, intellectual property, and revenue that we (consumers) stream through our internet clicks make up the capital foundations that tech companies use to derive almost all of their worth. And these foundations yield personal insights and technological advances, like “artificial intelligence,” that expose each and every one of us to risks, like those to our autonomy and livelihood, that we can't practically fathom, let alone hedge. Our market system typically allocates company profits and control, or company “equity,” to those who take significant risks to capitalize companies, or, in other words, provide them with something they need to do business. Considering these realities of consumer clicks and market norms, we have an incontrovertible “fair-market” justification to wholly (100%) profit from and control the tech companies we use as their users, and it’s high time for a tech company to make such equity available to us. So, we (User Cooperative) have made it our life’s work to get you equity for your internet clicks, and we're getting it done through a cooperative, or “user-owned,” framework. Learn more about why equity for your clicks.

  • Our members democratically govern everything we do through their powers to (1) elect our board of directors, which manages all of our business affairs, and (2) propose and vote on any specific matter of business. For example, through these powers, our members control how we collect and use data; control our algorithms; introduce or amend the terms, policies, and standards that govern use; and hire and fire key staff. Learn more about member governance.

Get equity for your clicks

Become a member, donate some startup money, and sit back, while we make you a revolutionary web browser.

Introducing User Cooperative

Your own look and feel

Themes, including dark mode and other options so that you can personalize your browser.   

User Cooperative is a very proud graduate of Startup Colorado's Founder Coopetition.

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