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The most frequent transactions you make

"Clicks" include all the transactions you make with tech companies: your clicks, taps, types, swipes, and background activity on your connected devices, apps, and services.

Quick click facts

The way we see it

You capitalize tech companies with your clicks, and it's time for a tech company to grant you equity for them.

Transmit your data and intellectual property

Your clicks make products, features, algorithms, and targeted ads useful.

Revenue triggers

Your clicks are events that generate revenue for tech companies, particularly in the case of targeted ads.

Expose you to risks you can't practically hedge

Risks to your autonomy and livelihood posed by the personal insights and technologies derived from your clicks.

Capital foundation of tech companies

The information and revenue from your clicks and those of your fellow consumers, or "users," form the durable basis from which tech companies derive almost all of their worth.


Tech companies treat your clicks like basic commodities

Your clicks are exchanged for free or discounted access to services, if anything.

A small group of tech shareholders are the true winners

They get rich, gain information and technological superiority, and shape our destiny.

The world is aware and dissatisfied

Survey after survey indicates that consumers worldwide are dissatisfied with today’s click exchange.

A common exchange for risk and capital

In our market system, company ownership, or "equity," commonly goes to those who take disproportionate risks to capitalize companies.

So, we propose equity for your clicks

Profits in proportion to your clicks

To reward you for the risks you incur and the capital you convey with your clicks.

Get equity for your clicks

Become a member, donate some startup money, and sit back, while we make you a revolutionary web browser.

A vote in corporate governance

To protect your interests, while you're "clicking."

Enabled by cooperative ownership

A common corporate structure that makes "users" 100% owners on the basis of their use.

Why Equity for Your Clicks?

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