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Economics give value to equity. Our web browser will have two revenue streams: search engine royalties and targeted ads, which are displayed in new tabs, notifications, sponsored content, etc.

Search engine royalties

Search engines pay us to be coded into our browser. Default position is the highest value. We estimate that the royalties market is more than $100 billion per year.

How we earn revenue from search engine royalties 

1. You search

You search for anything through our browser's search bars.

2. You click on an ad

You click on any ad that appears in your search results.

3. Search engine pays us

The search engine pays us a percentage of the ad revenue it made from your click.

1. We present you an ad

We present you an ad in a new tab, notification, sponsored content, etc. that we think you'll click on or care about based on your data from your browser clicks in accordance with your privacy settings and our Privacy Policy.

How we earn revenue from targeted ads 

2. You click on or see the ad

You click on or see the ad we present to you.

Targeted ads

Advertisers pay us for placing ads in our browser that you click on or simply see. Ads are the economic foundation of trillion-dollar internet technology businesses.

3. Advertiser pays us

The advertiser pays us for your click on or view of the ad.

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