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Early-stage cooperative web browser company 

User Cooperative's desktop and mobile browsers

The founder


User Cooperative is an early-stage cooperative web browser company based in Durango, Colorado. Our objective is to get you and your fellow consumers equity for your clicks on a standard, free-to-use web browser because equity is the true fair-market exchange for your clicks on any internet technology service you use, let alone web browsers, and no "tech" company grants it to you. As a cooperative, we're 100% owned by our members, we’re democratically governed on a “one member, one vote” basis, and we pay out any profits that we don't reinvest to each member in proportion to their clicks. Our membership is free for all natural people, but we ask our members to make small donations for our initial capital needs. Our adventure begins with this website. Its sole purpose is to raise the members, money, and morale we need to develop our browser and make it into a really big business.

We're an early-stage cooperative web browser company on a mission to get you equity for your clicks.


Equity for your clicks on a standard, free-to-use web browser

A close-up of a User Cooperative-branded new browser tab

By "equity for your clicks," we mean that (1) you get a share of our profits in proportion to your clicks on our browser, when it comes online, (2) you get a vote in governing everything we do, and (3) all profits and votes belong to you and your fellow browser users.

About Us


You capitalize tech companies with your clicks, and we believe it's time for a tech company to grant you equity for them.

Tip of an iceberg with a regal flag on top that has common app icons on it
Headshot of the founder with a mountain backdrop

Matt Martensen is the founder of User Cooperative, and he's passionate about getting you equity for your internet clicks. His professional background is in corporate finance, and he’s worked on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, across the Pond in London, and way down south in Santiago. His experience analyzing fair-market transactions on Wall Street enabled him to identify the data connected to your clicks as "risk-capital," the basis of ownership in our market system. His experience in Silicon Valley enabled him to see that tech companies derive substantially all of their value from your clicks and those of your fellow consumers. Those experiences are a major part of his motivation to bring User Cooperative to life. He has a finance degree from Rutgers Business School and an MBA from Yale School of Management. He globetrots when he can, speaks bad Spanish, and tries to stay fit. He was born in San Antonio, Texas, and he now lives in Durango, Colorado.

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